Extruded Aluminum Conveyor Beds

Transfer Systems Built for Success

Automation Technology is a distributor of durable and reliable extruded aluminum conveyor beds. Our innovative technology is used for production, assembly, and testing tasks worldwide. Our aluminum conveyor builds provide a support system used in conjunction with Bosch Rexroth material flow technology can be as simple or complex as you need. The conveyor systems are modular, with the ability to conform to your changing demands.

  • Integrate with vision systems and other transfer products
  • Automotive, electric, medical and appliance industries
  • Products are 100% compatible with Bosch Rexroth and other fractional and metric extrusions
  • Fast turn delivery
  • Full service, on-site installation

Extruded aluminum conveyor beds have been proven to ensure a product’s protection and assist the optimization of material flow. Our custom solutions are proven to improve production speed with an exceptionally small footprint. Easily-adjusted conveyor beds will magnify your productivity during the manufacturing process while reducing the costs of production.


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