Machine Vision Systems and Quality Control for Manufacturing

Increase speed and increase savings immediately with advanced machine vision systems. You can instantly improve any
manufacturing process and decrease defects with the addition of machine vision.


Increasing Throughput with an Embedded Vision System

See how a modern vision system was able to reduce mistakes and increase throughput in agricultural seed inspection.

How to Think About Quality Control

To achieve continuous improvement you have to think differently about how to achieve it. Companies hire Automation Technology’s
team when their current production has either hit a ceiling or isn’t improving.

Define Your Measure of Perfection

Incorporating machine vision into your automation process starts with a goal. Are you trying to automate your object recognition? Are you trying to prevent defective parts from passing inspection? Whatever your objective, there’s a machine vision solution to match. Datalogic’s vision systems produce valuable data to add efficiency to your process and reduce wasted resources.

Plan for the Future

Initial setup is only a small part of producing a machine vision solution. Your inspection requirements will change along with your process and working environment. Automation Technology’s vision lab is a vital resource in creating a flexible vision solution that can adjust when you do.


Illuminating the product is a key part of making the most out of your machine vision project. Automation Technology distributes a host of illumination products to match the demands of your process. We partner with Advanced Illumination to provide backlights, coaxial lights and ring illuminators that can assist your inspection camera for the best possible part recognition.

The Right Camera

The camera is among the most essential features of a vision system. Responsible for capturing the image, the camera sets the standard for your image processing capability. P, A, and T series cameras have high sensor resolution and fast image output to capture fine, quick-moving product details. USB 3.0 and Gig-E cameras allow for fast data transfer, making your product data immediately available for analysis. Automation Technology provides Datalogic smart cameras that are rugged, versatile, and able to integrate into any existing process.

Lens Optics

Just as important as the camera itself, lens choice can have dramatic affects on working distance, resolution and field of view for machine vision systems. Lenses are chosen based on two primary criteria, the scale of the object inspected and the working distance the camera needs to be from that object. Different lenses enable the inspection of microscopic detail and object much bigger than the vision system.

Software User Interface

Automation Technology can program software that provides a unique means of unifying the data captured by your machine vision cameras. The software provides you with the analysis tools needed to help you find where to optimize your vision system. Image filtering, feature finding, flaw detection and many other tools makes the most of your custom vision solution.


You can make more when you can measure the product of your process. Machine vision systems bring emerging technologies to the entire factory to empower your team, and drive performance and savings.

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